Not only is this flower arrangement tutorial easy, but it is also inexpensive. Flower arrangements like this are perfect for casual weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, house parties, backyard barbecues, church functions, etc.

 All you need for this easy flower arrangement is:

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 1 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 2

Prepare your flowers. Remove the bottoms leaves from the stems and cut the desired height at a 45 degree angle.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 3

Use the scissors to cut the brick into a flattened cone shape that will fit in the bottom of your can/jar. It is easiest to start by cutting a square that is as long as the diameter of the can and then cutting the bottom corners of the square and shaving off some of the sides until the foam fits in the bottom.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 4

Gently drop the cut foam into the bucket of water. It will float at the top. DO NOT push the foam to the bottom of the bucket. Allow the foam to fill with water and sink itself.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 5

After the foam is fully submerged in the bucket of water, take it out and put it in your can/jar.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 6

Now begin to arrange the first layer of flowers. It is helpful to start at the center, using the taller of the pruned flowers.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 7

Add on a second layer of flowers, surrounding the first layer. Try to make sure each area has a good mix of all the different colored flowers.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 8

Then use the remainder of the flowers to fill in all the gaps and open areas until the desired fullness is reached, making sure that each side of the arrangements is balanced in terms of color and size.

 Done! How easy was that?!

In this easy flower arrangement tutorial, we only used about 10 stems in this arrangement. So with 1 bunch of each flower, we could make 5-6 of these arrangements! Need to make a lot of small beautiful arrangements? Check out our DIY Event Flower packs and our wildflower packs. One pack can make up to 30 of these arrangements!

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