Keep in mind that your guests will want to talk to teach other.  Your flowers should not block their view.  Centerpieces in low, square or round glass vases are very popular right now.   Floral tape is placed over the top of the vase forming a supporting grid.  The flowers are simply placed in between the openings in the grid right into water.

Orange Rose Ball VaseMany flowers of the same color and variety are being used in these low vases.   Nine to 12 roses of the same shade or in various shades of the same color create a beautiful look.   Hypericum berries and greens like aspidistra and ruscus add interesting texture, and are great fillers for this type of arrangement.

Traditional roses are also being mixed with spray roses of the same color.   When placed in a taller vase with cascading filler such as bear grass it creates a more modern yet still romantic look.

Tulips of the same shade or of multiple shades also make beautiful table centerpieces.  A satin ribbon tied around a vase of tulips creates a more formal look while a raffia ribbon provides a more casual look.

Vases of different shapes and sizes can be placed in the center of the table, each holding a single flower or several.  These vases can also serve as wedding favors for the guests.  If guests are sitting at long narrow tables where space is at a premium, a small vase placed in front of each guest or placed randomly down the length of the table is a very effective look.

Another simple idea is floating flowers and candles in a low flat centerpiece.  This looks beautiful with roses or gerbera daisies.  A centerpiece of floating candles can also be surrounded by flowers, in small lower vases or placed in a ring of floral foam.

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