fall_leavesThe last two cool evenings here in the Northeast remind me that fall is almost here. Soon we’ll smell wood smoke in the air and be decorating our front porches with brightly colored chrysanthemums, Indian corn, cornstalks, and pumpkins. While I’ll be delighting in the wonderful outdoor sights and smells of my favorite time of year, I also like to bring that feeling inside with cut flowers that welcome in the season as nothing else can.

Just like the autumn leaves, many varieties and colors of cut flowers are found only
at this time of the year. The variety of cut Chrysanthemums expands greatly, and a fall favorite is the Red Rover Mum. These bright, bold flowers are often used by themselves or along with yellow compliment flowers like roses, or smaller pompon daisies or button mums. Other seasonal Chrysanthemums are the delicate looking “Cremon” in a beautiful bronze color and the yellow, cheery, “Vyking”  Spider, Football, and Pompon mums, which are available in certain colors all year long, are now available in a lovely bronze.

Brown is a new favorite wedding color, and the peachy-brown Leonidas Rose is perfect for a fall wedding or bridal shower. For a more exotic look, cymbidium orchids are available in yellow and a beautiful burgundy. With green or yellow accent flowers, these orchids look spectacular!

Perhaps the most exciting fall flowers of all are the accent flowers. White or red Kale makes an ordinary bouquet look extraordinary. Yellow Billy Balls and the orange safflower add texture and interest. Solidago, which brightens up any arrangement, is now available in red as well as in yellow. The wax flower, one of the most popular fillers, is now available in orange and yellow.

Take advantage of the beauty and variety of fall flowers. Don’t let the leaves drop from the trees without having experimented with something new to bring this beautiful time of year into your home!

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