Nature doesn’t really care what we want and most of the time does not produce flowers in the exact colors of our wedding schemes! Well, that’s okay because now there is a way to have flowers that match your wedding colors, just use floral sprays and dyes. The most popular wedding flower colors for the up coming seasons are available in sprays now. And later in the post, read about how to use floral spray.

Our coveted favorite is the mint/pale green color craze. Mint weddings exploded in popularity because the soothing color is perfect for so many personality types. It is also great because it is a gender neutral color and seems to be a favorite of the groom as well. There are not many flowers are that come in shades even close to mint, so it may be a great option to spray some white flowers this dainty color.

Prairie Grass Floral Spray

Mint Wedding Scheme

Another trendy color for this wedding season is coral. The punchy color is perfect for couples with bold personality.  Coral flowers, however, are extremely hard to come by in all seasons. Using floral dye will help you save money because specialty color flowers can also be much more expensive. Dying flowers is a great alternative for those on a budget.

Coral Foral Spray

Coral Wedding Bouquet

 Next color up to bat, the lovely pale peach. Peach, mint, grays, and pastels have contributed to the muted soothing color trends in recent weddings. Pale peach has a way of being soothing, elegant, romantic, and passionate all at the same time. Peach is a statement color that can also be a hard find when it comes to flower shapes and sizes desired, this is where peach floral spray comes in handy.

Osiana Peach Design Floral Spray

Peach Wedding bouquet

Last but not least, the ever popular gold. Gold has been a powerful color in conveying elegance, romance, and status. With strong meaning it is easy to use as an accent color in any wedding scheme. It has been popularly used on greens and fillers in bouquets and arrangements like the example below.

Pure Gold Floral Spray

Gold sprayed Eucalyptus

 Using floral spray is easy and will produce the results you would like as you get to customize the application to your liking. You should always spray one flower at a time to create a more natural look. Always hold the spray can at least 6-8 inches from the flower during application.  Use a couple flowers as tests, you will need to practice on a couple blooms before you get the most natural look and rhythm practiced. You may have to do a couple layers to get the exact color you are looking for, allow the coats to dry before applying a second coat to prevent dripping or streaky colors.

Other colors that are popular floral sprays include teal, pale pink, pale blue, deep blue, and silver. What colors would you want to use?

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