We know you will probably want to make your boutonnieres if you are already doing your own bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony arrangements so we will show you how to make simple, quick, large boutonnieres! First you will need to grab a couple stems of Israeli Ruscus, 3 stems of Billy Balls, 1 Pompon Button bloom (half closed will add texture), and 2 small pieces of Solidago. Then you need to gather some 1/2″ green floral tape (also used to hold together your bouquets!) and some pliers or floral scissors. You don’t have to buy a floral solution such as Crowning Glory Clear Solution but I highly recommend it because boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets will last much longer out of water when they have been treated.

Step One: Get together the greenery you would like to use, this will act as the background to the boutonniere. You can choose just one leaf or a bunch of leaves. There are no rules when it comes to using your creativity. The basics you need to learn are how to attach all the pieces and keep your boutonniere fresh for your big day. Remember to scale the size down if you are making a shoulder corsage for women, a corsage will need to be light to stay on lighter materials of dresses as opposed to the heavy material of the men’s suites!

Step Two: Situate the billy balls (crespedia) against the greens so that it  will be the highest focal flower in the boutonniere. You can use as many as you would like to get the statement you envision. Once you like where things are placed attach the greenery to the billy balls by using floral tape. You will need to concentrate on holding the stems together while twisting the floral tape around the steps to secure the pieces. Floral tape sticks to itself when you pull it tight so it will securely hold the stems together.

Step Three: Add the accents to the stem. For this all yellow boutonniere we added a half open pompon button and two pieces of solidago. This just gives the boutonniere some additional texture and interest. Once again use the floral tape to secure the new additions to the boutonniere. This time you are not adding any more stems so you can wrap the stems in their entirety. This will create a uniform look.

Step Four: Next cut all the stems to the same length. It is time to ensure that your boutonniere will be long lasting! Pour some crowning glory clear solution into a cup or small vase. Dip the end of the corsage into the solution.This will seal the moisture in the stems from the hydration process you did before you started to arrange the flowers. Now grab some pins and your boutonniere is ready to be used!

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