Red and green are long-recognized symbols of the Christmas season, and white, of course, for its winter feel. There is no shortage of these colors in the flower world. Red and white carnations, fragrant red and white roses, and a wide variety of greens are all popular for traditional Christmas flower arrangements.

But there are so many more options! Try bringing in a little “white Christmas” with the gracefully arching, spiky plume of Lysimachia’s small, star-shaped flowers. Or create a lush bed of Myrtle, whose woody stems and rich green leaves are reminiscent of boxwood. Create depth and interest by including Winter Berry or Hypericum, or introducing the unique texture of White Kale. Add drama with the distinctive Star of Bethlehem or the elegant Amaryllis.


Top, L-R: White Amaryllis, Winter Berry, White Kale, Star of Bethlehem, Red Amaryllis. Bottom, L-R: Red Gerbera Daisy, Lysimachia, Red Hypericum, Myrtle


There are lots of options for containers for your Christmas flower arrangements. Inexpensive plastic metallics lend a festive shine in gold or silver, but you can also look to baskets, or get creative with faux “gift boxes”.

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