Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is an eight-night celebration marked by gatherings of family and friends to join in the lighting of the Menorah. The traditional color scheme for Hanukkah is blue, silver, and white. Even though there are not an abundance of blues and silvers in the flower spectrum, you still have many alternatives to bring the spirit of Hanukkah to your fresh flower arrangements!

For true blues, Delphiniums are bold in color and delicate in form, and come in lighter and deeper shades. The Iris is also a brilliant blue and offers a unique shape. Blue Limonium, a lovely filler flower, is also well in the blue family. Also think about reaching just outside to the lavenders – there are some stunning, fragrant lavender roses and other fresh flower varieties that you can combine with your base arrangement to enhance your Hanukkah theme.


Top, L-R: Variegated Pitt, Blue Delphinium, White Calla Lilly (closed), Coffee Foliage, Blue Iris
Bottom, L-R: Rose Cool Water, Italian Queen Anne Lace, Blue Limonium, White Garden Roses

hanukkah2 hanukkah3

Choosing a container for your Hanukkah flower arrangement is another opportunity to expand on your design. Containers in white or silver metallic are a great option. You can also consider using clear containers, incorporating decorative stones in blues and whites to introduce more color into your arrangement.

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