sugarflowercakepurple-wedding-cake02Wow! Some people are incredibly talented. While the flowers in one of these photos appear real, they are actually made of sugar! Minette Rushing is an amazing baker and creator of Wedding Cakes, offering classes for hobbyists and professionals alike. While my friend Donna would probably be able to make wonderful sugar flowers like these, many “sugar challenged” people like me would opt for the real thing.

Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is a fairly easy way to incorporate the colors or theme of your party right up until dessert. While you may not want the blooms actually touching the cake (in case they were treated with a pesticide), you can top the cake with a small vase or container inserted into the top of the cake, or concealed with icing. Cut the flowers very short and insert into the container. I know it’s hard to cut them for fear of cutting too short, but if you don’t cut them short enough, they will flop right out.

Adding flowers to your cake, whether they’re sugar or not, will look beautiful and make dessert just a little bit tastier! Can you tell which ones are real and which ones are sugar?

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