Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration honoring the African heritage and culture, culminating with a feast and gift-giving. The traditional colors of Kwanzaa are green, red and black.  Decorations for Kwanzaa celebrations embrace African roots and traditions through the use of natural materials, fruits, and vegetables.

To create a flower arrangement reminiscent of Kwanzaa, step away from the more common flower varieties like carnations and mums.  Explore more unusual, exotic types to find the depth of color and diversity of shape and form.  The Leucadendron (Conebush) is a rich addition to any arrangement.  Anthuriums lend a striking impact, while Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids bring a deep elegance.  Let greens take a front seat by combining Ti Leaves with Monstera.  Even the traditional rose has a place when the beautiful green Rose Limbo is used.


Top, L-R:  China Berries, Protea Pin Cushion, Leucadendron (Conebush), Green Rose Limbo, Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid;  Bottom, L-R: Anthurium, Cattail, Monstera, Red and Black Ti Leaves


Natural materials – woods, straw – are an ideal alternative for Kwanzaa flower arrangements and centerpieces.  Just be sure to use a water-tight container inside!

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