Creativity is key!

Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Every first Sunday in May we celebrate a day for those special people in our lives that willingly do our dirty laundry, make us chicken soup when we’re sick, and basically keep our lives in order (even after we leave the nest). That’s right, your Mom.

This year, instead of giving her the traditional gift of jewelry or chocolate, go that extra mile and show mom that you really care with a homemade, personalized flower arrangement! I know what you’re thinking… “Why make something that I can just buy at a florist?” Well, your mom didn’t buy hungry man dinners every night and pop them in the microwave, did she? I bet she took the time to make your family a home-cooked meal with her own personal touches. Why not apply this principle to your gift giving this year!

All mothers love a freshly cut flower arrangement. And I’m sure she’ll be both thrilled and impressed that you actually took the time to make her a personalized arrangement instead of just calling a florist to do the work for you. Plus, you’ll be saving money!

Don’t be afraid! You don’t have to be a flower expert to create a bouquet or unique arrangement from scratch. Nobody can make homemade cookies without a recipe, so here are some helpful hints when you’re making that special gift for mom…

1. Let your creativity flow. Don’t second-guess your inner flower arranging voice. If someone advises you, “Don’t put yellow flowers with blue flowers” and your mother likes blue and yellow flowers, mix them together. Throw the rulebook out the window.

2. Be careful when choosing your flowers. You want your arrangement for your mom to be unique and personalized for her, so if you know that your mom loves sunflowers, make sure to incorporate them in the arrangement.

3. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing! Don’t overwhelm yourself or your flowers trying to come up with a lavish combination of different types of flowers. You could use multiples of the same kind flowers. Simple arrangements are elegant and easy to do!

4. Remember that bigger isn’t always better. Small arrangements can make the same impact as a large arrangement. Try making two smaller arrangements for both your mother-in-law and your mother, this way you kill two birds with one stone.

Creativity is key!

Creativity is key!

5. Think outside the vase. Every flower arrangement comes in a vase of some kind. When choosing what to put your flowers in make sure it’s something unique. Don’t go too outside the box here, but something like a coffee mug or glass wear would be a great substitute (and they can use it after the flowers are long gone). This will make your arrangement even more memorable.

6. Keep an eye on your water. Flower arrangements are not static; you can’t just make them and expect them to be beautiful. You want to make sure that your flowers are well hydrated and the water is clear. Cloudy water is a sign of bacteria infestation; so if the water is cloudy, make sure to change it.

7. Don’t forget about the bouquet! All flower arrangements don’t have to be in water, to make it easier for yourself you can just give your mom a bouquet of her favorite stems. However, make sure you keep your flowers in water until Mother’s Day.

8. Remember that there is no “perfect” flower arrangement. Imperfections give floral arrangements originality. As long as what you created makes you happy, it will make your mom happy.

Follow these hints and I’m sure that you will be the envy of all of your siblings this year! And not to mention, score big bonus points with mom.

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