Part 6 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: What’s Your Wedding Budget?

We’ve saved the most important question for last in our “What types of flowers should I use for my wedding” series:  How much is in my wedding budget for flowers?  Now that you know all about what’s going to be in season, what flowers are DIY friendly, what types of flowers work with your wedding theme, and what kinds and how many bouquets and arrangements you want, you’ve got a solid list for your wholesale flower shopping.  But before you get started shopping, read through these tips and money-saving tricks to get the most out of your wedding budget while still getting fabulous flowers!

When finalizing your flower list, look for ways to mix value flowers and premium flowers to get lavish, full arrangements at a fraction of the price.


Wedding Budget Value Flowers

In general, varieties like roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, alstromeria, leather leaf fern, and baby’s breath are the most affordable options for wedding flowers. And flowers that have multiple blooms on each stem are a super saver – you can pull them apart and use them as filler and in more than one bouquet or arrangement.  Look at spray roses, mini carnations, dendrobium orchids and asters to do the job!

Value flowers help stretch your wedding budget

Value flowers help stretch your wedding budget


Premium Wedding Flowers

The most popular wedding flower superstars like garden roses, calla lilies and peonies are usually on the pricier side because they’re in such high demand and in some cases, supplies are limited. But there are some ways to get the look of these gorgeous flowers without breaking the bank:  Cutting down the number of premium flowers you need can be easy when you prioritize which bouquets and arrangements should have the premium flowers and which can do without them. Using premium flowers for your bridal bouquet and the arrangement on your sweetheart table, but not in your centerpieces, is a good example.

premium flowers

Lush premium flowers don’t have to blow a wedding budget!


Money Saving Flower Tips

Substitutions and some clever arranging can be a great way to keep under your wedding budget.  Try some of these suggestions!

  • Get the look of a peony with a few stems of carnations floral taped together.
  • Two words: Football Mums.  These large, fluffy lovelies make gorgeous bouquets with rich texture!
  • Repurpose some of your bouquets:  Since the bridesmaids use the bouquets mostly for the ceremony, set them in Mason jars and place them on the cake table, buffet table, gift table arrangements or even use them as centerpieces for a smaller, intimate wedding!
  • Use mostly greens for table decorations:  Another popular wedding trend is lush greens with a small pop of white or pink.
  • Spread around many small vases instead of using several large ones.  Large vases and arrangements really want a lot of flowers or they look sparse.  On the other hand, groupings of small vases with far fewer flowers is just as visually interesting, but can cost a fraction of the price!


There you have it! You now have all the tools you need to pick out your perfect wedding flowers! If you are still unsure and need a helping hand, contact Blooms customer service with any questions or concerns! We’re happy to work with you to find the perfect flowers for your big day. Now go off into the world of Pinterest boards – you’re unstoppable!



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