Consumers are seeking inexpensive, simple solutions to perk up existing living space rather than investing in complete home makeovers. Flowers are the latest and greatest trend in jazzing up living space and enhancing the mood and personality of every room in the house.

Lily & Hydrangea Arragement by Susan D.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or four-bedroom colonial, the personal touches you add to your home make it uniquely yours. Whatever your style, flowers are the perfect way to add beauty and warmth, and create a space that reflects your personality.

Here are some examples of how you can achieve different looks using flowers:

For a soft, natural look, you could use loose, wispy arrangements of single-or multi-colored flowers placed in a glass bowl or vase.

For a calming effect you might try blues in every hue, reflecting the natural blues of the sea, space and sky.

Bold and bright colors with deep pigment saturation such as bright orange, hot red and lemon yellow have also enjoyed popularity in the home as dramatic and feisty punctuation marks for today’s multi-cultural population.

Bring the outdoors in by mixing flowers with seasonal vegetation such as grasses or branches. To keep a natural look, ask your florist to use a clay pot or a woven basket as the container.

To fill a space you might try tall, full blooming shrub or tree branches placed in an urn on a pedestal, with lots of flowing greens.

Your florist can create a mixed flower arrangement that features small, delicate details that invites the discovery of all its components – perfect to make a space more inviting.


  • Attach small vases containing short stems of fresh flowers to a pre-made wreath and hang it on your front door to welcome guests.
  • Make a first impression with a large, abundant arrangement.
  • Create a focal point with a piece of artwork on a pedestal draped with a garland and flowers.
  • For a friendly look, place a basket with a garden bouquet on the entry table.

Dining Room

  • For an easy, elegant table decoration set a series of alternating crystal vases and candles on a fabric runner. Place fresh flowers in each of the vases and surround them with greenery.
  • Individual flowers are perfect at place settings or attached to name cards.

Blending with the casual atmosphere of modern home entertaining, this centerpiece is sure to dazzle guests during afternoon brunch or informal dinners. The candles provide a refreshing combination using the elegance of flowers with the ambience of candlelight.


Living Room

  • Take your favorite vase, treasured antique bowl or silver pitcher to your florist for a custom-designed arrangement.
  • Float two or three blooms, such as gardenias or gerbera daisies in a favorite crystal bowl. Add a floating candle or two for a glowing evening effect.

Family Room

  • In the summer when the fireplace isn’t being used, brighten the hearth with an abundant assortment of seasonal flowers. Continue the theme by placing a few of the same flowers on the mantle next to those family photos.


  • Trim a windowsill with a collection of terracotta pots, using a combination of herbs and sun-loving plants like kalanchoe, African violets or primroses.
  • Old water pitchers, antique teapots, classic urns or even tattered clay pots make fascinating containers for a casually placed flower arrangement.

Loosely clustered to give the look of a freshly cut garden bouquet, this hand-tied design adorns a favorite water pitcher. The complementary flowers and colors brighten any part of the house, from the kitchen to the family room to the bedroom.



  • Tea roses, freesias, peonies, lilac and lilies, are all deliciously fragrant choices for a bud vase on your nightstand.

Guest Bedroom

  • A bud vase with a simple cluster of flowers hidden in the center of a clear bubble bowl filled with potpourri is the perfect way to welcome a guest.
  • Try floating rose petals in a special bath to spoil a friend!

Home Office

  • Give yourself a “nature break” by keeping a flowering or green plant next to your computer station or fax machine.

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