BloomsByTheBox is now offering a FREE DIY Essentials Flower Supply Kit to customers with an order of $300 or more. We made it simple, just forward your email order confirmation of $300 or more (before taxes and shipping) to to redeem your free kit! But hurry up, this offer ends on June 12th 2014!

Get Free DIY Flower Supplies with Wholesale Flowers!

The DIY Essentials Flower Supply Kit contains all of the products needed to make sure your wholesale flowers are fresh & long lasting for your wedding arrangements. Each of the products in this package is essential to getting the most out of your flowers. Aquaplus powder flower food goes into your hydrating buckets. This will increase the vase life of the flowers and also give them the correct balance of nutrients needed correctly hydrate after they have been shipped. Next, the floral scissors are extremely important. Using regular kitchen scissors to trim the flowers can fray the stems and not allow the flowers to draw up water evenly, leaving parts of the flowers dying. Floral scissors have unique ridges that slice through the stem without fraying them like dull/ sticky kitchen scissors. Lastly, the crowning glory clear solution is the best finishing spray the industry has to offer. Spray the flowers to give them a clean lively look before you walk down the aisle.
Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Supply Kit

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