So far, Courtney has saved about $16,000! Now that’s what I call budget savvy!!

Both my fiancé and I have said from Day 1 which was Aprils Fools Day no less (April 1st), that we want our wedding to have a classic, luxurious, yet extremely personal feeling. We want all of our guests to feel as though we thought of every single last detail!! But with each detail comes a price and one that usually adds up quickly. However, we have found “savvy” solutions to our costly obstacles.

Solution 1- Recession talk: Did you know we were in a recession? I mean you can’t go anywhere without people talking about how it has affected their lives! Now it is the bride’s chance to jump on that boat. Negotiate with Everyone!!! Explain to all vendors that you really want A but you can only afford B, but their competition is willing to give you A for the price of B because they want your business. Anyone heard of Supply and Demand….demand you want to pay less, and it shall be supplied!! Play the vendors against themselves, I did and saved $7,000 on my reception venue itself. With my photographer, I asked him if I cut back an hour and let him use our engagement photos for his portfolio and he reduced the price down by $2,000!!  The odds are in our favor right now ladies!

Solution 2- Get family & friends involved: Who doesn’t want to be involved in pulling off the wedding of the decade!? Look at your friends and family and think about what creative skills they possess. My mom does beautiful calligraphy for our church… duh, she’s doing my invitations! My mother in law makes amazing homemade caramel popcorn- what an awesome favor! Two of my bridesmaids are interior designers. Therefore they are helping with the floorplans and décor. Friends of the family know our local bus drivers….therefore transportation is taken care of … check … seriously network …your family and friends KNOW people too!!

Solution 3- Cut back on things overlooked & Say THANK YOU!! As I said, we want our wedding to seem luxurious, but by all means, we can’t afford to make a hostess basket for every out of town couple! $1-$3 favors (that seriously no one wants) add up if you have more than 100 people! Think about how often you use those gross melted mints or matches that are gone in a few weeks or seen that custom-made frame in their house that says your names and date. If they have a good time and feel appreciated, they won’t be judging your favors. Instead, put a simple “thank you’s” throughout your reception, so people feel like your grateful!  We are putting them on our wine glass label (one wine bottle for the table w/ dinner) as well as by the front door thanking people for coming, as well as a simple note by the exit reminding them once again how meaningful it was to us that they were able to share our day.

Solution 4- Save & Clip Coupons: Please do not ever pay full price unless it is at the dollar store! Michaels has a coupon in every bridal magazine and online and once you buy one thing they give you another coupon for either 40% or 50% off an item. If you need to walk in and out the door just to save…swallow your pride and do it. Once in the car packed full of loot all your dignity will return! Then head on over to the dollar store and buy all your glass and candle décor, you can’t beat it! P.S. sometimes they have a good ribbon too!

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