potterybarnWhile my passion for flowers encourages me to create new, original arrangements, the practical me can’t help but appreciate great ideas in catalogs and magazines. The floral arrangements in the latest Pottery Barn Catalog party planning section are downright inspiring for “Do-It-Yourselfers” looking for new, simple ideas for their fall parties. They even use one of my “old but new” favorites, the Spider Mum.

Spider Mums are rising in interest in the flower world due to Generation Y and their interest in this old flower, which, due to its lack of use in recent years, is “in” again. White is still a very popular color for wedding and bridal shower flowers, but Spider mums also come in a variety of fall colors, like bronze, yellow, lavender, and green.

While Pottery Barn uses one of its beautiful vases to showcase the mums, you may have something at home that will work just as well. Simply trim the ends of your Spider Mums to the same length with a sharp knife or floral shears. Wrap the stems in ribbon in the appropriate places and secure with a glue gun. Notice that only a small amount of water is used in the vase. The flowers have plenty to drink, but the ribbon is not drenched! The end result is a simple, elegant, look that will only take minutes to create.

If you’re feeling a little more adventuresome, try creating their beautiful pomander-like arrangement using white cushion chrysanthemums or carnations. This appears to have been created with a floral foam bouquet holder. The bouquet holder is first submerged in water to allow the floral foam to soak up all the water your flowers will need. Then, the flowers are cut short and inserted into the foam to create a round bouquet. The handle of the bouquet holder should sit nicely in a Pottery Barn small-mouthed vase, or one of your own.

Be creative, have fun, and save money. Add a unique twist to these ideas with different flowers, berries, or ribbon to create something entirely your own…with a little help from a great catalog

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