GreenButton copyEvery day we help customers plan flowers for weddings, parties, and business functions.  They usually have a color theme and thoughts about the primary flowers in their arrangements.  At that point, they often get stuck and aren’t sure what to order next.  I often recommend something green.   You may assume I’m talking about green leaves (yes, they’re very important too!) but I’m talking about green flowers!

Green flowers are a hot trend in floral arranging, and make a great arrangement even better. From the yellow-green Limbo rose to the bright green pompon mum, green flowers enhance the colors and interest in your arrangements and will add the extra “wow” factor that you want.

If you like purple roses like Blue Curiosa, add green hydrangea or mini calla lilies.   If you love pink lilies try green spider or pompon mums.  Don’t forget green orchids.    Dendrobium and Cymbidium both are available in great shades of green.  So have fun, be creative, and Go Green!

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