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1. Keep it within the budget. Surprisingly enough this is what every single guy in the office said when I told them I was writing this post. This is the most important to most grooms, although they want you to have your dream wedding flowers they don’t think its the most important thing to focus your budget on! If you DIY your flowers, its the perfect compromise, you get all the flowers you wanted, and you save a small fortune while making your hubby appreciate your willingness to meet him halfway (perfect marriage practice)!

2. They care about their boutonniere. I mean considering the groom will be wearing some of the wedding flowers he should have a say! He will probably care if he is wearing a pink rose with a pink feather and sparkles! Ask him what colors from your color scheme he wants on his boutonniere, get on Google images and show him some of his options! I am sure this is another thing that will make him also feel like a part of the wedding planning. Quite shockingly grooms, over time, have become more and more interested in becoming wedding involved!

3. Think about his style too. Even if he is not interested in helping you with the design of the flowers, keep in mind his style. If he is sporty yellows or blues are great colors for him. If he is on top of the latest clothing for men, consider edgy color schemes. Right now the popular edgy trend is a classic rustic look, incorporation of pale tones and terra cotta.

4. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t care at all. Some grooms are just not going to care about the wedding flowers. As the general manager of, Larry, says, “I only remember the hors-d’oeuvres and the brand of scotch at my wedding, there might have been some flowers.” If that’s the case its a free-for-all! Do whatever your heart desires because a week after the wedding when you ask him what color the flowers are he will probably guess and make that “I should know this” face!


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