It’s about time you learned how to make a holiday wreath! Once Thanksgiving comes around its time to hit the ground running with Christmas decor. In year’s past, you may have gone Christmas crazy and spent a pretty buck on greens, lights, and nicknacks. Not this year though, you are determined to DIY some decorations that create homey holiday cheer. If you decide to make your wreath or have a neighbor wreath making contest, you can order Christmas greens by the bunch and save a ton of money.

We stumbled up an EXTREMELY helpful and creative post on A Fresh Coat blog. They are dedicated to DIY, home decor, and the holidays!

Make a Holiday Wreath
Make a Holiday Wreathholiday wreath

This beautiful wreath is made with a holiday greens combination of juniper, port oxford cedar, and douglas fir. If you were to purchase one bunch of each, you would be able to make up to 3-4 wreaths. This is a fun activity with friends and family that can become a family tradition.

OR if you rather purchase a wreath that is already assembled, there are some wonderful variations available. Which one is your favorite?


Aussie-Wreath Juniper-Pepper-Berry-Wreath Magnolia-Wreath-14inch Mixed-Green-Wreath


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