Time is a huge factor when you want to make a centerpiece for each table at a wedding or event. In the interest of saving time and reducing stress we, here at BloomsByTheBox, suggest making something simple, quick, yet atheistically pleasing & professional! First, purchase a vase that isn’t too wide but nice and low. This will ensure that you will be able to create an arrangement shape without floral foam. Floral foam is a great option but usually requires a little more time when making larger medium-large arrangements.


Make an Easy Centerpiece

After you have selected a medium shallow vase, order your wholesale flowers. Once you receive your order, hydrate the flowers for at least 6-8 hours. If you can hydrate them overnight that is always best! Once you are ready to make arrangements, prune all the flowers and remove any lower leaves from flower stems.

In order to make a centerpiece like this one, you need to have some greens, at least one types of tall flower, some secondary flowers and a filler. For this tutorial, we chose two types of tall vertical flowers that would make this arrangement look large and sophisticated. The tall lavender flower pictured above is called Lavender Stock. The tall white flowers pictured below is called a White Snapdragon.

Start out by creating the arrangement shape using the greens and then your initial tall flower. When placing your greens, create a criss-cross pattern with the stems, this will make a grid that will hold all of the flowers in place and enable you to make a perfect shape!

Step by Step Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

As you can see, once you have added your tall flowers to the arrangement you can easily add secondary flowers and fillers to fill in spaces and complete the arrangement! It’s that simple! We used white spray roses, white cushion mums, and yellow billy balls as secondary flowers. Then we used purple wax flower and baby’s breath as fillers.  Making each centerpiece like this will only take about 5-7 minutes, and since we used affordable flower varieties, this could be done on a small budget.

Easy To Make Centerpieces

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