Ahoy nautical brides and flower helpers! Tackle this easy project and save some money by learning how to make a nautical boutonniere. The most common flowers found in nautical boutonnieres are anemones and ranunculus. In this tutorial, instead of those nautical wedding staples, we went with some gorgeous (inexpensive!) hardy blooms, to withstand any nautical wind coming on your wedding day.

We used a fraction of one stem of each of the following: orange spray roses, brunia silver, and Italian ruscus. We also threw some bear grass in at the end, just for kicks 🙂

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- pruned piecesdiy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- first bunch

Start by gathering your base; normally this includes the biggest/focal blooms. We started with the spray roses and the Italian ruscus.

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- first trim

Tape your first little bunch with stem wrap. Above you can see us cutting away the thick stem, so the bottom of the boutonniere isn’t too bulky. We then continued to wrap over the stems so you couldn’t see the cut nub hanging out.

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- second bunch

Add the filler and additional blooms if necessary to the first bunch. Before securing the additional stems in place, test out how the bout looks just by holding it against your shirt. Sometimes boutonniere will be flattened once they are pinned on, so you want to make sure you find your boutonniere best side and work with it.

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- third bunch

If you think your bout needs a little more length, you can add a tall green like bear grass. This will give your boutonniere that extra flare once it’s pinned on.

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- tape bear grasshow-to-make-a-nautical-boutonniere-cutbottom

When you’ve secured your final layer, go ahead and trim the bottom, so you have about 2 inches of wrapped stems to work with. Remember, you can always trim shorter, but you can’t add length, so start with it long. This will also help with covering the stem wrap and making sure the boutonniere isn’t too top heavy.


We wrapped our nautical bout with some blue and white striped fabric. Other great nautical options are hemp, twine, or thin white rope.

diy spray rose boutonniere tutorial- final

That looks easy enough, doesn’t it? Now you know how to make a nautical boutonniere! Let us know if you have questions!

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