How to Make a Pink Wedding Bouquet

We have a tutorial for you on how to make a pink wedding bouquet using our Blooms Classy Thinkin’ Pink Wildflower Pack! This pack is PERFECT for a romantic outdoor rustic wedding. Shades of pink can be substituted for flowers with different color options.


How gorgeous are these blooms?!


We started with a 3 stem triangular base using one stem of pink larkspur, white stock, and astilbe. The 3 stems with tightly wrapped with a 66-inch piece of stem wrap.


Then we added one stem of hot pink spray roses, hot pink Matsumoto asters, and a pompon daisy.


This is our next layer with more additions of each of the bigger bloomed flowers. This will be the center of the bouquet.


Here is the bulk of the bouquet being wrapped. The good thing about wildflower bouquets is they can be formed into a round bouquet shape, or they can have a scattered look with different fillers popping out. We did a combination of both shapes with this bouquet.


The bouquet was lined with the astilbe and then with the variegated pittosporum.


Cut the stems at the desired length. Remember- you can always cut them shorter, so start just by making them even.


We used some striped washi tape to cover the floratape and wrap our bouquet.


And there it is! The astilbe sticking up adds to the look of this wildflower bouquet. Now you’ve learned how to make a pink wedding bouquet! With this wildflower pack, you can make 5 of these bouquets or 10-12 medium sized centerpieces. All the guesswork is taken out for you, and we are here to help with any other questions you may have!

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