Make a Colorful Bouquet - Tutorial

Picking flower colors and varieties is a pretty easy process with the help of BloomsByTheBox! This colorful bouquet was put together using the flowers in the BloomsByTheBox Mix and Match Rainbow Wildflower Pack. Wildflowers were all created with the rustic wedding theme in mind.

Step 1 Hydrate Flowers

Place an order for wholesale flowers online, receive your flower order two days before your wedding. When you receive the order, hydrate the flowers. Want to learn how to hydrate and prep your flowers? Visit these online DIY flowers lessons to learn it all!  Once you are ready to arrange your flowers, make sure you have your stem wrap, floral scissors, bouquet wrap material, and corsage pins.

Step 2 Create Floral Base step 3 Keep adding Layers

Start building your bouquet, each time you add a layer of flowers, secure them using the stem wrap. Make sure you rotate the bright flowers to create a colorful balance bouquet! Once you have built a big enough bouquet and are satisfied with the shape, cut all the stems to the same length.
Step 4 cut the stems Step 5 Wrap the Stems with ribbon

Next, use any fabric or ribbon that you like to wrap the stems. Hold the very beginning in place with a corsage pin, insert the pin on a vertical angle to make sure the pin goes down with the stems and not out the back of the bouquet stems. Once you have wrapped the stems, hold the fabric in place by using the corsage pins again.Step 6 Pin the Wrap Down Step 7 - finished wildflower bouquet

Once you finish with the bouquet wrap, you will have a beautiful rustic color bouquet for your wedding! Purchase this color back of wildflowers to create up to 15 arrangements for under $350.00! If you have any comments or questions about this post, please leave us a comment, we love to help you and answer questions!

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