Kim Kardashian’s wedding photos are far and few between, but thankfully there are some good shots of her wedding taken by People Magazine.  E! TV also got the inside scoop, many of you probably saw Kim Kardashian’s wedding special. The TV special was the only place you can see the details and reception flowers, no worries there will be reruns if you missed it. What we do know is the whole theme of the wedding was black, white, and sparkle. The cream florals in the bouquets are a unique bouquet shape while the reception flowers adorn the tables in large rounded form.

Kim Kardashian is symbol of elegance and class, in fact she is known for her sense of fashion and stellar taste. If you want your wedding to be modeled after her taste it would be easy to keep within budget.  The classic American wedding theme makes it easy for others to fashion their weddings using Kim Kardashian’s style as a template . Her bouquet is a look that any bride can achieve. Simple, white, and moderately sized with ribbon tied around the stems.The cream roses are tight, not yet fully opened, a great way to achieve the shape displayed here.



The arrangements above are similar to the arrangements all over the wedding venue. They were round in form, cream rose and floral mixture (hard to tell on TV), with tall and short vases. There are ways to make this look all your own. I would suggest flowers with a rounded and fluffy texture like cream lisianthus, standard roses, and spray roses.

Always remember that being your own florist can save you money while still getting all you want and need!

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