I am so excited to share the first submission for “Blooms for the Ultimate Budget Savvy Bride” from Kirsten! I love all of the DIY projects she is incorporating in her wedding… and I especially love that she is making your own jewelry (so cool)! More importantly, the fact that she is a DIY / Budget Savvy Bride is not only helping her wallet, but she is also making it a family affair, which is amazing. Thank you so much, Kirsten!! And good luck planning the rest of your wedding!
Here’s what Kirsten had to say …
I am getting married next June on Hilton Head Island, SC. My family and I are very creative, so we have taken on a lot of DIY tasks. One of the main DIY projects we have taken on is all of the stationary (save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, programs, menus, etc.). Although it is not done yet since I have some time until my wedding, I know they will turn out great.
I am also making all of my flower girls headbands and all of the jewelry. My aunt who makes necklaces, earrings, etc. is helping me out.
My aunt also has worked with flowers in the past. I want her to help me with my flowers. I think it would be special to know that one of my family members helped me with my bouquet.
Lastly, my grandma used to make wedding cakes. My aunt and I are going to take her special recipe and make my wedding cake. We did a test cake just to make sure we could do it, and it was fantastic! I never knew I could make a cake as I did.
The best advice I could give to other brides is to try as many DIY projects that you can. You really can surprise yourself with how much you can do and save. What worked for me was taking the time to sit down and determine what I could do. I did samples and manipulated ideas to see what I liked. I also took the time to consider what I wanted to spend money on (DJ instead of an iPod with speakers, professional and photographer). What I suggest that you don’t do is settle for something. If you don’t like a sample card, you did walk away from the project for a little bit. Determine what you want to be changed about the sample. It is your wedding, and you should not settle for something that you are not proud of!

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