The Knot is the most reputable resource out there for the modern bride. And they know how to get with the times….bridal surveys! The Knot has provided us with some very accurate and eye-opening statistics by surveying their brides in 2011.  AND we are not shocked that results point to the fact that DIY has become extremely popular! Thanks to the Knot statistics reported on Business Wire we know some of the reasons why…

1. LESS FORMAL STYLE. Casual is trending. Wedding style continues to move toward the more casual end of the spectrum. In 2011, 16% of brides said their wedding style was “casual,” compared with 14% in 2010 and 12% in 2009. While the “semi-formal” category still reigns, with 65% of brides planning a wedding with that style in 2011, fewer brides are going for the “formal/black-tie” tradition, with only 16% describing their wedding that way in 2011, down from 18% in 2010 and 20% in 2009.

IMPACT ON DIY WEDDING FLOWER TREND: The casual trend has launched the rustic, country, barn, and wildflower looks that LITTER the top wedding blogs. The industry has become consumed with the idea that rustic, quaint, and sweet designs do not have to cost a ton of money, they are more casual and budget friendly.  In anticipation of the popularity of this trend Blooms By The Box started offering wildflower packs! A VERY POPULAR ITEM! Thanks to more casual trends in 2011 and 2012 brides can order bulk flowers that allow them to replicate simple trends. The casual trend allows couples to splurge on different areas of their event by saving money with DIY flowers.

Photo Credit: Cameron Ingalls on Green Wedding Shoes.

2. AVERAGE AMOUNT SPENT ON WEDDINGS IS GOING UP. AVERAGE AMOUNT SPENT ON  FLOWERS IS GOING DOWN. This is pretty telling data. This suggests that people are splurging in other areas but saving money on flowers. How do you think they are saving money on their wedding flowers? DIY! The wedding blogs out there today provide a ton of awesome information and tutorials that allow brides to have all the resources they need to put together their wedding arrangements. There are ideas, how to instructions, videos, and suggestions that guide them.

It is not necessarily that couples need to save money on the wedding but that they want to splurge in other areas. People save with DIY to splurge on the honeymoon, an extra 20 guests, or the perfect photographer! Each couple has the option to distribute the wedding money in a way that makes their day as personal as possible. A lot of people decide that they believe they can do their wedding flowers so that they can spend an extra 2,000$ on a videographer to capture the day!

Photo Credit: Cameron Ingalls on Green Wedding Shoes.

There are many statistics that lead wedding industry professionals to believe that Do-It-Yourself is on the rise. We can see it all over blogs, and at every wedding, we go to. Weddings are getting more personalized and thought of as a unique representation of each couple and their personality as a unit. DIY has become a way for couples to spend more money in unique places and less money in traditional ones. It is rather a groundbreaking way that couples set a precedent for how they want their community to see them as a couple going forward. Making a clear distinction of what defines them, what makes them compatible, and makes their bond so strong.

Purchasing affordable bulk flowers for weddings has become a descriptor for the type of wedding! The coined term, “DIY Wedding” is the label used for savvy weddings where couples do their projects and flowers.  DIY Wedding Flowers are on the rise, and the proof is in the pudding!


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