WE DO! WE DO! BloomsByTheBox.com is excited to announce that we are now offering wholesale dahlias online! Brides and grooms in the U.S. should be excited that we  now have bulk dahlias at the lowest prices available online! If you need dahlias for a wedding, event, or party, BloomsByTheBox.com is the perfect solution!

BloomsByTheBox.com has 15 different colors and varieties for you to choose from. The arrangements below are a great example of some of the ways you can use dahlias in your do it yourself weddings or events. They can make both bold and subtle statements. This versatile flower is featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Sara & Rocky Photography did a wonderful job capturing the dahlias ability to provide color, texture and excitement in arrangements.

Wholesale Dahlias

Dahlia Floral Head Band

Dahlia Centerpiece Flowers

Dahlia Wedding Bouquet Flowers

What would you do with dahlias at a budget wedding? Please share your photos and ideas.

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