It’s hard enough to decide on the main wedding party flowers – bouquets for the bride and her maids, boutonnieres for the groom and ushers. And then there are other non-wedding-party guests to include… fathers, mothers, grandmothers and the like. But you don’t know what they’re wearing or how they want to wear their flowers. Here are some things I saw at a recent wedding that worked with the bride’s “look” without looking like part of the wedding party.

Purse Corsages
A great alternative when your guest doesn’t want a flower on her dress or wearing it on a wrist: the Purse Corsage. Here, the bride had used white/cream in her wedding flowers, and carried it here using elegant orchid corsages pinned to the guests’ handbags.

Heather Boutonnieres
Maybe this is more familiar in the U.K., but it made a beautiful “neutral” bout: a small sprig of heather. Simple and elegant. Even on a kid!

Flowers for Special Guests at the Wedding

Flowers for Special Guests at the Wedding

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