Your wedding is completely built around a color scheme and that’s why its so important to look at a multitude of different color combinations. Know what you do want and what you don’t want!Picking colors can prove tedious but having a wide scope of ideas will give you a clear picture in the end. Here is an inspirational color trio for you to consider.

Peach, pink, and orange are a beautiful trio because they provide both soft and saturated colors that force the eye to focus on them for a longer time. Flowers in these colors naturally vary so the peaches and pinks will come in many shades that produce this beautiful look.

Peach wedding flowers

Photo Credit: Dave Robbins Photography on Style Me Pretty Blog

In order to get this peach and orange arrangement on your own you can use wholesale flowers that are close to pink, flat peaches, and orange. These flowers make a beautiful combination of peaches, pinks, and oranges that will reflect brightly. The flowers on the to row of the photo above are tulips, double stock, and garden roses. The flowers on the bottom row are peach and orange spray roses.

Another great thing is that these arrangements are relatively easy to make, even for the beginner. Because the vase is fairly small and not many flowers are needed to make a full arrangement you can easy fill the vase without foam or structural tools. The imperfection in the shape is part of the arrangements charm. Let’s face it, anyone can do the imperfect look.

If you want to add more pink into this color scheme try using pink spray roses, bright pink stock, and pink garden roses.


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