gardenroseSo you are getting married in September and have decided you are having peonies on all the tables and for your bridal bouquet – completely without the consent of the peonies… a slight problem as recently discussed in Pursuing the Peony.  But panic not – for there is a solution!  The Garden Rose (also known as the Cabbage Rose) is the perfect stand-in and a well known solution for the professional flower designer doing wedding flowers.  These massive high petal count roses have an outer cup of petals that surround a dense inner petal collection that commands attention in any flower arrangement.

Like peonies, they come in several shades of red, pink, white and peach and combinations of each.   Garden roses have several advantages over peonies simply because they are roses.  Their colors are more consistent within a variety and the opening of their blooms is more predictable.cabbagerose

Garden Roses are expensive as compared to standard long stem roses, but less than imported Peonies that are not nearly as impressive.   You need to plan ahead (just add it to the list!) because these roses are grown on very few farms in small crops.  Most flower wholesalers will require some extra lead time to secure them.

The perfect Peony alternative!

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