When planning a wedding, most couples start out by picking a color scheme.  Many choose pink flowers to adorn their weddings due to its quintessential beauty and traditional lightness. To move forward with planning you put together a vision of flowers, a dress, a venue, and much more you will need some ideas to help out. It’s always key to be able to imagine what your wedding will look like adding pink embellishments. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling on your floral planning.

If you’re a colorful bride: Pink Flower Color Combinations

Another great way to get ideas for a color scheme that will also feature flowers is to go on ThePerfectPalette.com! They have some beautiful inspirational color combinations for any of your wedding needs. Here is one of my favorites by Chrissy from The Perfect Palette.

I hope this is the inspiration for your pink wedding theme and floral ideas. Enjoy.

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