I am sure all of you know all about Meg Keene’s famous book A Practical Wedding by now, but for those of you who don’t, here is a little recap! The book is every single bride’s, big budget or little, guide to “creative ideas for planning beautiful, affordable, and meaningful celebration”.

If you are a bride, a brides mother, a bridesmaid, a girlfriend in waiting, or anyone for that matter I seriously suggest this book! The book covers a broad range of topics that will really have you prepared for all things wedding. In fact, if you want to be sane and plan a wedding, reading this book can make you less of a psychopath bridezilla (event though we all know you would never act like that hehe). One of the quotes that had been a favorite is one that really hits home.

Meg says, “I will not remember what my wedding looked like; I will remember what it felt like.”

In an effort to console brides on the day of their wedding Meg Keene says that it is the big day you have been waiting for, it is time let go of all your worries. Enjoy the day because what will stand out in your mind the most is how magical it all felt. You have done all that you can do in the time leading to your wedding, some things may go wrong but its okay, remember what marriage is all about.

Meg tells us why she wrote the book, to begin with, “unfortunately for me, when I was getting married most of the wedding books were insane. So I wrote a wedding book. A useful, sane, no-nonsense wedding book. One you can use as your bible for planning, give to your mom to calm her down, and give to your girlfriends when they get engaged. It walks you through finding a venue and figuring out your relationship with tradition. It shares real wedding budgets, important questions you should ask before you get hitched, and actual wedding history (and it separates true tradition from the tradition being sold to you). It’s a guide for how to actually plan the thing (with spreadsheets) and how to be in the moment the day of. It even addresses the hard stuff, and it discusses the rest of your lives (because that’s the whole point).”

Oh wow, beautifully said, Meg, we love you!

Not to mention she has dedicated a section of the book to how you can save money with wholesale flowers and some honest DIY. She points to the “do-it-together” idea, that is glorious.  Her step by step DIY wedding advice gives you instructions based on her plentiful DIY flower experiences. She even used Blooms By the Box flowers at a friends wedding, I would say that is pretty smart!

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Good Luck Everyone! Please spread the news!

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