I touch upon this a lot in our DIY Guide, but I cannot stress doing a trial run enough if you are thinking about doing your own wedding flowers. Although DIY’ing your flowers is extremely easy, you don’t want to be doing something for the first time the day before or even the day of your wedding. Just like if you were baking your own wedding cake, you would want to test recipes before hand, see what oven temperature works best, and practice your icing skills, no?

Well, the same goes for flowers. A little practice does in fact make perfect. Plus, you’ll know what to expect so it will not only ease your nerves in the days of preparation before your wedding, but also the process of doing your own flowers will be faster because you were able to figure out what you can do before hand opposed to what you should do the day of… which brings me to Anne, one of The Budget Savvy Bride‘s guest bride bloggers. She is DIY’ing her wedding flowers and decided to do a trial run (smart bride ;)). Take a look at her trial arrangements and what she learned here!

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