So you have decided to do our own wedding flowers but have never even put flowers in a vase in your whole life. That’s okay, Diana, here to the rescue! I have over about 6 months  accumulated a library of videos to teach you step by step how to make your dream arrangements. The flowers of your dreams can be made BY YOU with flowers as close to the wholesale price as you can get.  The big point here is, all the resources you need to learn about your wedding arrangements are available to you. We also realize your busy as well! That’s why the videos are short and to the point! You can become a pro in less than 30 minutes by just watching a few of our short videos! If you have any questions after watching the video you can always get help from me by commenting on the videos or visiting Blooms.

When you purchase wholesale flowers they will come packaged like a florist would receive them. You need to remove thorns, cut the stems, and place the flowers in water before arranging. When receiving flowers other than roses you do not need to remove thorns you just need to remove bottom leaves, cut them, and hydrate them to prepare for arranging. It is a short and simple process that can save you the big bucks!


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