There are a lot of ways to integrate wedding color schemes into arrangement ideas, the problem is picking which one. If your wedding scheme is purple and your undecided about what your flowers will look like here are some tips to push you along with the decision making process. Depending on the brides maid’s dresses and couple preference first you must decide what variations of purple you want in your arrangements.

Light and Pale Purples.The photo below is a display of paler purples. This is good for a classic bride sticking with lighter colors. A great flowers to make the base of arrangements of this color combination are cool water roses. No other flower has this rich, light purple hue that graces arrangements, and good news its affordable!


Bright and Dark Purples. Bright and dark purple arrangements, such as the ones below, are great for daring, edgy brides. The bright purple has  extraordinary pop against a traditional white gown. Lisianthus, as displayed in the left bottom corner is the key to these arrangements, its deep purple pop will grace any arrangement with a majestic hues that command the eye’s attention.

Both of these color schemes are amazing for weddings in any season and will have your guests in awe (especially when you do them yourself!). We have plenty of tips to help you create arrangements from making bouquets and centerpieces to boutonnieres and corsages. Get step by step help by watching a video on!

Hope you enjoy, please leave a comment if you have color requests! Thank you :)!

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