One of our very amazing DIY brides Stella Taylor was kind enough to contact me to let me know about her wonderful experience using Blooms wholesale flowers! I decided this would be the perfect post to show all you scaredy cats out there how it is done! She is a model bride regarding DIY! Thanks to the Lovely photographer Doug Pettway we caught the moments for you to see!

Stella and her hubby, Terence, were married in February in Herndon, VA, at the beautiful St Joseph’s church. The reception was held in a quaint barn at Coomber Hall, a civil war era estate nearby which also functions as a music and dance school. It was magical!

Stella told me that the day before the wedding, she asked a group of her visiting ladies to help create the flowers. (TAKE THIS AS A HINT – use those bridesmaids!)  They were a little shocked, but got the hang of it quickly! She says, “We made flowers for the altar, my bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets and two for the flower girls.  We filled mason jars, and small vases with loose arrangements hung cafe lights and set places with the
vintage/thrift crockery we had collected.”

After the wedding, Stella and hubby didn’t want to throw away the gorgeous flowers, so the guests and the band took home the little vases and jars of flowers for themselves and their significant others. “I took my bouquet home and put it in water. I had it for a couple of weeks!”

“The flowers, however, arrived a slightly dehydrated, but all perked up happily after being
watered. They held up well; even the hydrangeas had only wilted a little
by the end of a very long day in no water. (that’s great considering hydrangeas consist of the word water =hydro! Clearly, they are a thirsty flower!)
I Highly recommend blooms by the box!” – Stella

What you need to pull off this look:
Cream and Orange/Peach Roses
Blue Hydrangea
Wax Flower
Bells of Ireland
Seeded Eucalyptus
Star of Bethlehem

Using these flowers you are paying $200.00 for your wedding flowers! I am not exaggerating I added up the prices myself! I recently talked to a bride who got a quote from a professional florist for $6,000.00! Those two prices cannot even compare! That extra $5,800 could go toward a down payment on a house, your dream honeymoon,  a couple of extra guests at your wedding, a DJ, a photographer, pretty much anything! I would say if you do your wedding flowers at wholesale prices is a great way to budget for some other things you cannot compromise.

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