I am sure you have heard about the trendsetter ranunculus! It has become known for its delicate rose-like features that fill any wedding arrangement with texture and elegance.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfect for the DIY bride who is getting bulk flowers! This flower will make you look like a professional as its presence in arrangements is a key fixture for professionals in creating the popular perfectly imperfect shape that is now such a trend.

The only problem is that they are more delicate than most flowers and need special care, hence they have become the redonkulous ranunculus! They require more attention than other flowers. Here are some suggestions that will help you take care of your ranunculus.

1. Remove all the leaves from the bottom of the stems, make sure that none of the leaves are touching the water. If leaves get in the water, it can cause the water to fill with bacteria which can affect the vase life of your ranunculus. Keep in mind that you want only to take off what you need to take off, so 3-4 inches of “luke-warm” water at the bottom of the vase is just fine (no need to fill her to the top)

3. Cut about one inch of the bottom on a diagonal to make it easier for the flower to draw up water. Use floral shears or a sharp knife, something that is not sharp enough will damage the stem and make the vase life decrease!

2. They need a pep talk, aka give them floral food or put a small amount of sugar in the water to liven them up. Make sure they are in a cool place out of the direct sunlight. Keep in mind that ranunculus have NATURALLY curly stems, they are not dying. This is their hollow stem nature!

3. Make sure to change their water every other day!

4. In order to use them in a bouquet, you may need to use wire to straighten them the hollow curly stems. A 21 gauge wire will work. You can either push the wire through the center of the stem from the bottom to the head, or you can tap wire to the stem from top to bottom to make a more sturdy straight look.  To go for a more wildflower imperfect look leave the ranunculus in its; naturally curly state.

The moral of the story is that ranunculus will be worth the extra care they need. If you need help or have any questions that are not covered in this post, I would be more than happy to help! Just leave a comment.




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