The romantic, classic garden wedding trend projected to be most popular this year will be filled with large fluffy textures, antique colored greens, and whimsical pale and bright tones. This tutorial is meant to help brides get the trendy looks they love but on budget.

DIY Ranunculus Centerpiece

The keys to the classical garden look are the vase, greens, colors, and textures. The vases should be a vintage or milk glass textured vase, all shapes and sizes will work. The greens look like they have come straight out of your garden and are lush and frame all the floral work. The flower colors should be antiques and pale colors mixed with bright pops of whimsical colors. The textures of greenery should be weedy and garden like while the flowers should be fluffy with fillers that add the harder textures. These floral designs can be expensive when a florist is hired but can be rather affordable when you create these floral designs on your own.

There are no peonies in this centerpiece! Isn’t that shocking!?! That peony looking flower in this arrangement is a garden rose! It is called romantic antique and has a similar bulbous, rounded shape and fluffy petals. Ladies, if your wedding is at a time when peonies are not available, you can go with Romantic Antique Garden Roses!

What you need:

1. Vases:  We purchased this milk vase from Etsy is a great resource for budget brides looking for accessories, decor, or vases.

2. Wholesale Flowers: Order flowers online from Get garden roses, pink and white ranunculus, peach Versilia roses, peach and green hypericum, seeded eucalyptus, and Italian Ruscus.

3. Floral Foam: Oasis floral foam blocks will keep the arrangement together, help you make a consistent shape, and hydrate the flowers in the arrangement.

4. Floral Sheers: purchase special scissor only for flowers, the sharp ridges will ensure that the stems are not crushed. When using your every day, kitchen scissors you will damage the stems.

Watch this Video for Step by Step Instruction for Making this Centerpiece:

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