We all watched the Royal wedding at one point or another, whether it was 4am or on re-runs, we all felt the magnetism of this inspired celebration. Its near impossible to overlook the fairy tale joining of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. In fact, the only way to describe the celebration is royally remarkable. It was a historical moment that women will model their own weddings after for generations.

There is good news ladies! This look is not impossible for any bride! The trends of the royal wedding can be replicated on your own special day. Bringing the elegance and thought from the royal wedding  bouquet to your own is a flawless way to make your day just as royal.

One of the most explosive trends of the Royal Wedding is the Lily of the Valley because its romantic meaning, traditional white color, and delicate appearance. The lily of the valley has so many meaningful undertones within such a simple,  elegant arrangement.

There are many ways to replicate the ideas used in the royal wedding. Using all white flowers for the bridal bouquet with bits of  Lily of the Valley is an affordable way to recreate this look.  Arrange the bouquet with a bright green filler wrapped in a classic bow or lacy ribbon.

Here is an example of a bouquet you can use to replicate the royal wedding’s elegant arrangement:

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