You see gorgeous floral crowns on all the popular wedding publications and probably wonder if you can pull off making something like that on your own. Making a floral crown does require a little bit of work but they are affordable and look beautiful! The majority of the work is in pruning down  branches into small pieces to create little bundles to make up the crown. Once the smaller parts are built you just need to attach them to each other.


Step-One---How to Make a Floral Crown

Using Wax Flower to Make a Floral Crown

Wax Flower Floral Crown - DIY tutorial




DIY Floral Crown - Full tutorial


If you would like to make something like this you can use any fillers, greens and flowers. We also have a tutorial for creating a baby’s breath floral crown just like this one. Keep in mind that when making a floral crown you may need to use floral adhesive and some extra blooms to cover the mechanics, for example the wire, in your crown. Making a floral crown the day of the wedding is a good idea. The flowers will not have a source of water so it is best to construct them last minute, that way the flowers will look hydrated for the event.

AND don’t forget to check out all the amazing flower crown tutorials on Pinterest!

Please leave your comments and questions below! Also, if you have any suggestions for new DIY tutorial please let us know, we want to help you make the DIY flower process as easy as we can.

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