Inquiries for brides  of spring and summer 2013 have been rolling in! Couples have chosen colors, venues, food, and wedding schemes for their Do-It-Yourself Weddings. Now, it’s time to get the flowers to match the look. The most popular item so far is the Rustic Romantic Wildflower Pack. This is a styled flower package  designed to create 8-10 medium/large arrangements.  This pack makes beautiful bouquets, rustic centerpieces, and is extremely easy to work with.

Wholesale Flowers - DIY Wedding

Many people say the the rustic trend is gone, but we are not so sure. We think that the elements and ideas surrounding the nostalgic simplicity will be popular another couple years. It will transform to more calm and cool colors such as these blues and lavenders.

This is a bouquet made from wholesale flowers in this pack. There are is also a video to go along with this photo that will help you make this very bouquet if you decide to purchase this pack. You can find the video on our Youtube channel or on Video Workshop.

You can also make beautiful DIY mason jar centerpieces or use miscellaneous bud vases to create a rustic, natural look.

Rustic wedding flowers are perfect for the DIY wedding because they are simple to put together, include hardy flowers, and usually create a distinct styled look. Some great places to get vases include: There are many different sellers with different styles and sizes that will make it affordable to find the vases you want on a budget.

4 Blue Mason Jars, bulk discount on antique Ball quarts, wedding decor for vases or votives Vintage inspired dresses, jewelry, and decor for weddings that are affordable and super trendy.

Ruffled Blog: Brides sell vases after their wedding so you can get the products for less. Recycle your wedding  vases when you are done to make money back and save another bride some money!

Recycling wedding decor and using wholesale flowers can save you money and keep your wedding trendy. Anyone else know of any other great budget friendly sites to help each other get the best deals and looks?

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