Spring flowersMany of us here in the Northeast long for spring, but the weather has not been very cooperative.  We’ve had some serious snow lately, and more is predicted during the week. I guess this makes us all appreciate the warmer weather when it eventually arrives.

It seems like every March I start trying to make my own spring.  Luckily, spring flowers are available SOMEWHERE, and can be brought to you with a little help from the Wholesale Flower Market.  I just bought daffodils.  In fact, I do this every year, and they look great with my green St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  Did you know that daffodils are best in a vase by themselves?  They secrete a sticky substance, which clogs the stems of other flowers and prevents them from absorbing water.

After my daffodils, I move on to Tulips and Hyacinths.  Tulips are a great value and are wonderful not only in your home, but also as an easy centerpiece for a party or special occasion.  They are always fun to watch, because they are the only flower that I know of that grows AFTER it has been cut!  If you’re planning an arrangement with Tulips make sure you take that into consideration when you cut their stems.

Don’t be afraid of Hyacinths!  They don’t just belong outside.  These long-lasting flowers bring not only the beauty, but also the fragrance of spring indoors.  And speaking of fragrance, practically nothing smells better than Freesia!  If you have never ordered this lovely, cascading flower, wait no longer!


You may be surprised to know that the short-seasoned Lilac is also available right now.

You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day. Get some now and then again for Mother’s Day!

Don’t suffer any longer from the winter blahs.  Lovely spring flowers from the Wholesale Flower Market will give you that much-needed boost to get you through to the real Spring!

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