Go with make submerged centerpieces for you DIY! Doing your wedding flowers can be scary if you plan on making large and extravagant arrangements. To be completely frank, you don’t need anything crazy to make an impact. You can make simple arrangements that look edgy without all the fuss and worry. In fact, submerged arrangements are a great way to communicate class and elegance in your wedding arrangements, while keeping your wallet in mind. You can use whatever color scheme you have in mind for your wedding! You can also adjust the types of flowers and vases to go with contemporary, country, traditional, and fun wedding themes. DIY submerged centerpieces are simple; this is something anyone can do (maybe even your 1-year-old flower girl haha).

Picture from Elizabeth Anne Designs

They Cost Less. You don’t need to purchase as many flowers as when you’re making traditional centerpieces. All you need is a couple of focal flowers in each arrangement. Another plus is that water is FREE! All you need is a couple of stunning flowers, a vase of your choice, and water! If you want to spruce it up, you can ad floating candles, greenery, crystals, or colorful LED lights.

They Fit The Most Popular Wedding Trends. There are two huge wedding trends right now. One is country rustic weddings, and the other is modern/ high fashion design. You can make submerged arrangements country but using amaranths and dangling greens flowing into the water from above. You can even put submerged greenery centerpieces at country rustic weddings!  Using submerged arrangements fits right into the high fashion/modern design favored in the wedding industry because it is has a clean-lined, sheik, and simple look. This means you can have the top trending wedding flowers without making a dent in your wedding budget. (Winning!)

Elizabeth Anne Design Submerged

Picture from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Best Flowers To Submerge. Some flowers are too delicate to submerge. To get the best look try more sturdy flowers that will not wilt in water. Avoid using flowers with pollen because it can cloud the water. Heavier flowers will not float to the top so try larger stemmed flowers. Here are some good flowers to use:
Calla Lilies– very sturdy flower and stem
Orchids – vertical stem with multiple blooms is great for tall cylinder vases
Tulips – strong flower offered in many colors to complete bright color schemes
Gladiolus – strong stem and delicate petals that flow beautifully in water

How To Do It Yourself.
1. Get flowers, glass vase, and have water ready (to avoid bubbles use some distilled water)
2. Fill  70% of the vase with water if you are using pebbles or crystals and 85% of the vase if your only using flowers and fillers.
3. Slowly and carefully put in flowers, crystals, or greenery.
4. If things are starting to float tie fishing line to the stems, tie them to a rock and cover with pebbles.

I hope this has given you inspiration to DIY Couples! Please comment with questions and advice for others! Thank you!

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