A Thanksgiving Decor FREEBEE You Can’t Resist!

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Thanksgiving is a week away and we are all excited to stuff our faces and enjoy family time over some turkey! Many of you are planning all your decor out strategically and will need flowers to complete your thanksgiving look! In lieu of the giving season BloomByTheBox.com is giving away FREE FLORAL SCISSORS to anyone who orders flowers in November! Just add the FREE floral scissor to your cart when you order and BAM, they are yours at no cost! If you are going to make arrangements you really need to have floral scissors. Regular kitchen scissor have dulled edges that crush and fray flower stems, which means your flowers won’t last long! Floral scissors have special ridges on all sides of the blade that ensure a sharp and perfect cut that will elongate the vase life of your flowers and help them draw up water properly.

Check out some of our most popular fall flowers and some great ideas for putting together fall flower arrangements! In the previous post we teach you step by step how to create thanksgiving arrangements! We show how to make pumpkin vases, floral thanksgiving wreaths and floral head bands that double as table accents! If you have any other DIY ideas we would love to see! There are so many fun ways to make DIY home decor with seasonal flowers!

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