The biggest reason people decide to sidestep DIY flowers is the fear of lack luster arrangements. However, many customers have been able to make beautiful arrangements on a budget. We share their secrets to successful and professional looking DIY flower bouquets, centerpieces, and decor!

1. Keep the Design Simple:

The kiss of death with DIY is biting off more than you can chew. Don’t expect to be able to make a huge cascading floral archway the first time you touch wholesale flowers. In order to make flowers look professional and timeless, try to incorporate simple designs. Using simple designs does not mean, make boring arrangements. It simple means, choose a design that does not require a lot of mechanical work involving every floral tool in the shed. Photo credit: Kristen Leigh Photography

DIY flowers 2. Use color to make impact

The photo above is the perfect mix of simple design with colors that create an impact. This bride did a wonderful job with her DIY execution. She planned out many ways to keep design extremely simple while adding impact by using coral, pinks, peach, cream, and white flowers together. This inspired design created a beautiful focal point for their cocktail hour! Instead of creating complicated designs pick a palette of colors that create sophistication. Color is an element that make your DIY flowers look professional and well planned.

3. Do-It-Together!

One of our favorite wedding blogs, A Practical Wedding,  puts emphasis on doing DIY projects with family and friends! DIY flowers are the perfect project to designate as a group effort. Since you will most likely put together arrangements the day before the wedding, you will plenty of family and friends around to help. AND if you take our advice to keep the designs simple, anyone can do the job! You wont have to train a team to do pull it off. This will keep your arrangements looking much more professional because there will be no rush and you will have fun being creative together! A lot of our customers say that they had do much fun putting together bouquets with their bridesmaids. It is a great way to relax, bond, and be creative together before the wedding.

do it together

4. Get the Right Amount of Flowers

DIY’ers have expressed that the hardest part of ordering wholesale flowers is estimating many flowers they need. It’s very important to make sure you will have enough flowers! You want to make sure arrangements don’t look unfinished¬† or have foam sticking out because you did have enough flowers to cover it. That’s why published online flowers lessons with a specific lesson dedicated to helping you pick the right quantities. We also offer free phone, email, and live chat consultations!

5. Practice

If you want to make something that you have not made you usually quickly hop on YouTube! Although this is a wonderful step that you should take before making your own event arrangements you should also try to practice. You do not need to practice with the exact flowers you plan on ordering. You can grab flowers from a market near you and just try working with the flowers a little bit, just to get the hang of it.

Do you have any suggestions or secrets to professional DIY flowers! Please comment and share!

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