DIY Ranunculus and Garden Rose Centerpiece

If you plan on doing your own flower arrangements I am sure you have said to yourself “How am I going to get the finished arrangements to the venue?”. Transporting DIY arrangements from your home to your event is not a complicated process. You will need a car or van that is big enough to hold a couple long boxes.

Top 3 Tips:
1. Put bouquets in a vase with 1-2″ of water.
2. Air condition the car before loading the arrangements.
3. Travel with at least one other person who can keep a an eye on the flowers.

Usually the day of the event or the day before the event you will have access to the venue. If you do not get access to the venue until the day of the event, assign the task of  transporting DIY arrangements to a close relative/friend. Once the arrangements are made it is simple to have someone  bring the flowers to the venue and put them on the tables. Here are some photos that should help you prepare to transport your arrangements from your home to your wedding/ event venue.

Transporting Arrangements

How to Transport Wedding Arrangements to Venue Transporting DIY Arrangements Using a box to transport arrangements Taking Flowers to Wedding Venue DIY Wedding Arrangements

If you want learn how to make the exact centerpiece above you can watch the youtube video. For a step by step explanation for transporting wedding centerpieces and arrangements visit our DIY Flowers 101 Lesson on flower transportation.

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