Looking to maximize your Valentines Day Fundraising? Blooms By The Box has you covered. With a huge selection of flowers at low wholesale prices, we also have the resources to help make your venture a success. Let’s talk about options.

Freedom Rose 3 Stems

Roses vs. Carnations

Demand: Roses are consistently the most in-demand flower for Valentines Day Fundraising, with red roses topping the charts. With this being said, they can get expensive. If you are targeting higher-income customers, then roses are the way to go. However, if you’re fundraising in a school, then carnations are a cheaper alternative that students will be able to afford.

Tip: Roses are priced by the length of their stems – the longer the stem, the higher the price. If you’re looking to increase profit margins, go for shorter stems, such as 40 cm.

Rose Polar Star 25 stems

Care: Buying wholesale will save you money, but you will be getting your flowers in the condition a florist would. Roses have thorns to strip and leaves that need to be trimmed. For those who don’t have the time and man power to do this, carnations may be a better option. With easily removable leaves and hardy stems and flowers, there is a lot less prep work. As long as they are properly hydrated and kept cool, both flowers will stay fresh for a long time.

Tip: If you need to receive your flowers more than three days in advance or sell them for multiple days, flower food is a must.

Colors: Both roses and carnations come in a wide variety of colors, with red, pink and white being the most popular for Valentines Day Fundraising. If you’re looking for a large variety of colors, you might want to consider our boxes of assorted color roses (no red roses will be included) and assorted color carnations.

V-Day CarnationsStem vs. Bouquet

Prep Work: A single stem will be easier to sell, but a larger bouquet will sell for more money. It’s important to accurately gauge how much work your organization will be able to handle. If you can have a fun, stress-free day of flower arranging with plenty of help, then bouquets may be the way to go.  Otherwise, single stem roses or carnations are still a great option for Valentines Day Fundraising.

Rose Sweet UniqueDemand: It’s important to know your customer base. Will your customers be more interested in purchasing a large, possibly expensive bouquet, or would they be more likely to buy a single stem for less money? Maximizing sales will allow you to maximize profit.

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