Picking floral shape and form is all about preference and the size of the wedding venue. In order to make all you can out of your wedding flowers you need to choose what floral shape will best fill the space you have. If you have a larger venue, choose bigger arrangements to make a wow statement that fill in spaces, avoiding vacancy and keeping the eyes busy and interested in all the textures in the room. With smaller venues,  use smaller arrangements with tight and neat shapes to bring earthy touches of warmth without making a cluttered look.

No matter what your choice or venue, you can do it yourself. Here is some inspiration and how- to information to get you making your DIY Flower arrangements fit the form and shapes that best suite your wedding plans.

Use the links listed in each floral shape category to see the steps with pictures provided by Flower-arrangement-advisor.com! There are Youtube videos available on  Blooms By The Box Youtube channel to help you out some more!!!

How-To Make Horizontal Arrangements

Horizontal arrangements are low with width 2 times their height and have a multitude of uses. They are commonly used for sweetheart tables or entrance statements! Many couples use similar arrangements to adorn archways or terraces for their wedding ceremony. Whatever the use of this type of arrangement makes a cold statement and holds the eye’s attention.

How-To Make Vertical Arrangements

Tall vertical arrangements are tall with a small width, famous for making any table a key atmosphere setter. The taller the more grand, as they say! Tall arrangements create a prestigious feeling. Having large arrangements is not for every couple, but you can still get the prestigious feeling by making tall floor arrangements for the ceremony and bring them to the reception. Filling space with tall arrangements is a great way to be budget savvy and elegant!

 How-To Make Triangular Arrangements

Triangular arrangements are easy to make and common. Using taller flowers and cutting others down means you only need one type of flower, and not as many. I would say that is pretty budget worthy!

 How-To Make Rounded Arrangements

The dome-like circular form is by far the most popular wedding arrangement shape. It has completely even distribution of flowers around all sides. It is inexpensive, easy to make, and traditionally beautiful. It is the easiest because you do not need to concentrate on any angles, you can create the shape you want effortlessly.

Your Very Own Shapes: Things to Keep in mind
If the shaped above do not trigger your wedding interest, no worries, you can create pretty much anything you like. Here are some things to keep in mind in general without making a specific shape.

  • Proportions: meaning the number of flowers and height should correlate with the size of the vase – use your judgment
  • Balance: whether you make a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement remember the bottom should be big enough to support the top of the arrangement, you do not want the eye to concentrate on just one side of the arrangement (make it all interesting) and don’t over do it!

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