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New York State Wild Flowers

New York State Wild Flowers

Our family owns a vacation home in the Catskill Mountains. We love our summer treks to “The Cabin”, where we all enjoy the blissful peace and solitude found in this place. While some of us enjoy swimming, fishing, and catching snakes (especially our son!), I particularly enjoy the beautiful scenery, and studying and collecting the many species of wildflowers found in the fields and meadows surrounding us. While many of these flowers have been familiar to me nearly all my life, like Daisies, Black-Eyed Susan, and Queen Anne’s Lace, I try to look through our book of wildflowers and identify a new one each summer.

If you long for a meadow or county road lined with wildflowers, remember that you can still re-create that memory with flowers available in the wholesale flower market. As the summers pass by at our New York State vacation home, I have identified Yarrow, Monte Casino Asters, Thistle, Lilies, Solidago, and a variety of ferns. All of these flowers and greens are available during the summer in the flower market. They are beautiful by themselves as a wildflower bouquet. Mixed with roses or hydrangea, they create a romantic look reminiscent of the warm, lazy days of summers past, and the happy summer memories yet to come.


  1. want to start a small flower market in Queens NewYork, wanted wildflowers, Im looking for a great wholesaler in the city. Please let me know where can I check, Ive been to the flower market on 28th st but didnt see many wildflower, wanted a very Organic look,

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    • Our favorite wholesaler on 28th street is George Rallis, Inc. Been in business forever. If it is available anywhere they can get it for you. Take a look at our Fall favorites for some ideas.

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