We know winter is not the most popular season to have a wedding. But there is something extra special about a winter wedding. Maybe it’s because they are rare, or because of the potential for snow in the backdrop, or the clean and white natural hues, or the lace sleeves and shawls.. We’re not sure what it is, but the beauty is always undeniable. Winter weddings usually bring about deep romantic flowers or pure blends of white blooms, two contrasting looks but two infallible results.

This shoot really caught our eye. It perfectly captures everything about a white winter wedding- the snow and pops of metallic only make the floral arrangements look even more fantastic.
So here is a winter wedding bouquet recipe on how to mimic the image below!

winter wedding bouquet recipe

Here is a list of what you need:
Lisianthus White              Anemone White              Stock White              Brunia Silver              Dusty Miller

 Lisianthus-White White anemone White-Stock Brunia Silver Dusty Miller

Floral scissors             Floratape Stem Wrap             Gold ribbon

Putting the bouquet together only requires a few steps.
(Note: To make one bouquet this size, one bunch of each flower/filler will be enough and there will be some stems left over.)

1. Cut the hydrated stems a little longer than the desired length.
2. Start with 1 stem of each kind of flower/filler to create a base for the bouquet. Bunch each stem together to create a round shape and then secure your first layer with the floral tape.
3. Add additional stems each type of flower/filler in an even rotation around the base and continue to build the bouquet, securing each additional section with floral tape.
4. Continue to add new layers until the desired shape is reached. Then use some stems of Dusty Miller to add around the entire bouquet to create a round finished look and apply the last layer of floral tape.
5. Wrap the gold ribbon around the bouquet until no more floral tape is showing.
6. Use the corsage pins to secure the ribbon in place.
(Use one of our step-by-step flower photo tutorials for more bouquet assistance.)


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winter wedding bouquet 6 winter wedding bouquet (2) winter wedding bouquet 4 (2) winter wedding bouquet winter wedding bouquet 4

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