DIY Bouquet Recipe

As seen on Fab You Bliss. Photographed by Gemini Photography Ontario.

January is, in our opinion, one of the best months to exchanges vows. Statistically, fewer weddings take place in January – which means that you’ll most likely have your vendors’ and venue’s undivided attention! Another great reason for getting married in January is… drumroll, please… anemones come back into season! This charming bouquet from Fab You Bliss (photographed by Gemini Photography Ontario) highlights anemones to represent the new year while keeping the most recent holiday season in mind by pairing them with Port Oxford cedar. Follow our step-by-step recipe to recreate this DIY bouquet for your winter wedding!

What You’ll Need for this DIY Bouquet Recipe :

Dusty Miller
Brunia silver
Naked seeded eucalyptus
White ranunculus
White anemones
Port Oxford cedar
White tulips
Crowning Glory
Floral tape/floral wire
Floral scissors

DIY Bouquet RecipeDIY Bouquet Recipe
DIY Bouquet RecipeDIY Bouquet Recipe
DIY Bouquet Recipe DIY Bouquet Recipe


Follow These Steps:

1. Fully hydrate and prepare the flowers for arranging – which means giving them a fresh snip and removing all of the unnecessary greens from the bottom half/three-quarters of the stems.

2. Use focal flowers to begin arranging your bouquet. For this recipe, we would recommend starting with the anemones, tulips, or ranunculus.

3. Build up your bouquet by adding filler flowers, which would be the naked seeded eucalyptus, Port Oxford cedar, Dusty Miller, and the Brunia silver.

4. Alternate between focal and filler flowers until your bouquet is the size you’d like it to be.

5. Wrap the handle of your bouquet with either floral tape or floral wire. If you’d want your bouquet to be small-medium sized (like the photo), you can wrap the stem once you’ve finished. If you’d like it to be larger, we would recommend wrapping the handle every couple of layers to ensure everything stays perfectly in place!

6. Add ribbon to the handle of your bouquet, carefully wrapping it around the stems and holding it in place with pearl-head corsage pins.

7. Cut the stems of your bouquet to an even length.

8. Spray with Crowning Glory and store your bouquet in a cool environment. Allow your bouquet to continue hydrating in an inch or two of water, making sure not get the ribbon wet!

Found a photo of your dream bouquet or arrangement, but not sure what flowers will make it a reality? Contact the Blooms customer service team, and we’ll break it down for you!

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